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 What is PETF? 

PETF is one component of  (The Pragmatic Enterprise Family of Frameworks).

PETF (The Pragmatic Enterprise Transformation Framework) set’s this context for the people involved in Transformation. To see how they fit into the transformation story and how the work they do relates to those around them. Be they the CxO’s, Directors, VP’s, Executive Management, Business Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, Business Trainers, Application Architects, Business Experts, Designers or Programmers.

Not the Transformation of Operations, but the Transformation of Transformation, to better enable the Transformation of Operations.

Which frameworks an Enterprise wishes to use for Transformation is dependant upon many things and is likely to be different from Enterprise to Enterprise. What is suggested is that whatever frameworks are chosen, they need to fit into the collective whole

Pragmatic supplies two frameworks within the context of the Transformation of Enterprises: -

The Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework
The Pragmatic Enterprise Project Framework

The Context

The only constant is change! This has been the battle cry for many years but things are hotting up. Just being able to deal with change is no longer enough. The battle cry for the 21st century is The only constant is the acceleration of change.

How an Enterprise effects Transformation is becoming a Strategic Strength (and/or a Strategic Weakness) where real strategic business opportunities can be gained or real strategic business problems will result.

To exploit these opportunities and reduce these problems, Enterprises must: -

  • EVALUATE their current level of maturity, to determine whether time and money should be spent to…

  • ANALYSE their maturity by determining how they wish to change and to secure the mandate and budget required, in order to…

  • MODIFY their Methods, Artefacts, Environment & Culture to attain the increase in maturity required.

To do this they must adopt an environment that allows and guides an increase in the maturity of Transformation, guiding Transformation to happen in more holistic and coherent and Pragmatic fashion. Connecting all phases of transformation from strategic intent down to physically deployed change.

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The Basics


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